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MRP Type VM and period LotSize doesn`t work

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Hi all,

we are using the mrp type VM and a user defined lot size.

Our lot size was copied from lot size MB with No. of periods = 3. Because we always order a 3 month forecast.

In my example material, the monthly forecast value is about 1.200 kg

So I would have expected a PurRqs about 3.600 kg in MD03

But SAP creates a PurRqs about 2.500 kg, which is the difference between stock and

Reorder Point. That would fit using lot size EX, but not for 3 month forecast. Even if I use lot size MB, and run MD03 the result is one PurRqs with 2.500 kg.

Even increasing the No. of periods in customizing of the lot size to 5 and running Md03 again, a new

PurRqs with 2.500 kg would be created.

At least I tested lot size FX with 3.600 kg, that would work. PurRqs with 3.600 kg would be created.

But we don`t want to use fix lot sizes.

Does anyone has an idea, how to solve this?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!


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