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MRP Data Elements (LA, AB Texts) not visible in MD04 screen

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Dear All,

I am facing a strange issue in our quality landscape.

When I create a PO, MD04 shows the Purch Order and the PO number with the line Item. However, when I receive any confirmation message, the same is shown as AB or LA under confirmations tab in the purchase order.

But in the MD04 screen, the PO number and the Line item number alone is shown. Succeeding text "LA" or "ÄB"are not showing up.

Production system works fine. I am unable to find the reason even after checking configuration. And I do not feel any config is missing.

Please guide.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There might be any request overlapping in quality.

These type of issues generally occur due to the transport of requests in irregular order

or any configuration request was upto quality and not to production.

The other reason will be if any upgrade on quality server was done recently the enhancement should be checked once.



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