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Modify T-Code MCI4 Report

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Hello SAP Gurus,

I currently use the T - Code MCI4 for PM Orders cost analysis to view and report PM Planned & Actual Costs by period/Year.

I however need to modify the input selection screen to include Order Status and Order selection fields, and also, include in the output the PM Order List & Type as Options (with link to IW33 if Order Number is double-clicked).

Please recommend how this can be acheived. The intent is to implement this requirement in the R/3 reporting system with a custom tcode (i.e. ZMCI4).

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Most of your requirements could be accomplished through the use of user defined analysis available in LIS. You could accomplish this by creating your own info structure (By copying S115) and adding Order number to this. You may not be able to restrict selection by system status or user status(Unless you are open to do some additional custom development on top of this).

Here is how you could do this.

Please make sure to read the entire documentaion on the config before you go through the steps....

1) First Create your own info structure using menu path SPRO> Logistics general > LIS > Logistics data warehouse > Data basis > information structure > maintain self defined ino structure

Here create a New stucture called S901 (Follow Custom defined structure naming conventions) for application 07, by copying S115 . Once inside this Choose the Charateristic button below and CHOOSE SELECTION LIST. This will popup a list of fields that can be added to the structure for analysis per field catalogue.Navigate to the notification Object field catalog to select the Order number. Select other field as appropriate from other field catalog and copy them.Then select or de-select the "Key figures" thats relevant for your needs

Check ,generate and activate the same structure and save.

2) Create Update rules for updating this info structure by copying the rules of S115. SPRO> Logistics general > LIS > Logistics data warehouse > Data basis >Updating > Specific definition using update Rules > Maintain update rules.

Enter the newly created Structure name and choose teh Update group 26 (use drop down) and enter the S115 and 26 as teh group and rules to copy from.

Delete the rules thats not relevant for your needs and then check, and Choose "generate: and then activate the "UPDATING" and save.

3) Activate the Update type for the new structure. SPRO> Logistics general > LIS > Logistics data warehouse > Data basis >Updating > Update Control > Activate Update.

Choose PM and double click on the new structure that you had just created and chosoe Period and Type of updating (2: Similar to other standard info structures). and save.

This should start updating New orders that you are creating from Now on.

However if you would like to pre-populate existing data in this structure for analysis, then you would have to run through the generation program in background for this specific structure. SPRO> Logistics general > LIS > Logistics data warehouse > Data basis >tools > setup of statistical data >Application specific setup of statistical data > perform setup - PM. Here make sure to do the PMIS statistical setup (This might be redundant, if you havent changed any value category that updates PMCO table) and Set Up: Plant Maintenance IS(Make sure to choose your specific structure).You should be able to check the table entries to confirm that the program has updated the table (Name of the info structure). The defaulted version could be different from the standard version (000).You could copy the data from one verion to another version using the first step in this block.

Once the genration is complete you should be ready to use this structure using MCIS transaction (PMIS > Standard analysis > User defined analysis).This will list out all the user defined structures and you can pick and execute the one that you had just created.

In order to navigate to the IW33 transaction , choose the Order line and from menu choose Extras > Diplay Object.

Hope this helps.



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I really appreciate Narasimhan's reply to this post. He has listed step bystep instructions on everything involved in creating a PM info structure. It was exactly what I was looking for. The post is old but I hope that

Narasimhan sees my appreiciation.

I have created a new  info structure S510 copied from S115 and I know  that I can access S510 using MCIS. But is it feasible to create a custom Z transaction that will access my new  info structure? If so, how can I do that?

Thank you in advance,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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This information comes from struture S115 Cost Analysis .

Key figures get updated with Value category on Period basis.

This period basis we can set as customisation.

Better option is to know the exact requirment & see SAP Std report or develop a report.


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Thank you for the time.

You are right. MCI4 info comes from S115-Cost Analysis. It contains most of the required fields i.e. Period to analyze (by current date, week, month, posting period). However, S115 is based on technical objects.does not contain Order Number.

Can we modify a copy of S115 (i.e. Z777) to include Order # field?

Yes, I can provide more details about my requirements for better guidance. Please advise your email address.


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May be following logic can be checked

Tecnical object - IFLO,ITOB,EQUI

Order details- AUFK,AFVV,AFVC

Confirmation -AFRU,

Material Doc-MSEG