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MM STO (UB) Storage Location

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Dear All.

I'd like to find if there's a way in configuration, or other, to automatically default an issuingstorage location in the UB STO.

The receiving storage location seems to be coming in fine.  But currently we're having to typ in the issuing storage location  for all manually created UB STO's.  We can get defaulted on the delivery, but would like to have it defaulted in the STO for the users.

Config or userexit would be fine.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

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Answers (2)

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If I understnad your question issuing material moves from Plant (P001) and storage loaction(ST01) to (P002) and storage loaction(ST02).Now you want to have ST01 in STO,then maintain Storage Location(ST01) in material master MRP 2 view and save. 

Instead of above, if you want storage location and define different storage locations determination rule for  your delivery type,check the following path:

SPRO-> Logistic Execution -> Shipping -> Picking -> Determine picking location ---> Define rules for picking location determination.

Also check  assignment of storage location in OVL3 with plant. Also check the and OMB3 with all assignment.


Biju K

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Please use Transaction OVL3 will this satisfy your requirement?where you can create the condition for picking the storage location.

Hope the information is useful.