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MM Movement 103 Plant Level versus Storage Location Level

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Dear MM folks,

In WM config there are lots of of options to control stock by its stock status (blocked, returns)

Now, in MM you can receive with movement 103.

WM config suggests that I would receive stock at Storage Location level, but the receipt only takes place at Plant level.

Can I modify config in such way that I receive with 103 at SLoc level?

Thank you for your time,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you do 103 you receive the stock in Gr blocked stock which is the Goods receipt against PO here only material documents will get generated but no Accounting documents and you can manage this stock in you plant location only.

Its not possible to manage @ SL level only when you release from GR blocked stock it will result in Stock posting @ SL level.

So even if your SL is WM managed when you do a 103 using MIGO there wont be any impact in WM.

Hope its clear.

Thanks & Regards,

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Using MIGO, movement 101, blocked stock status gives us the WM control we want.

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