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Missing interest subsidy wage code

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Wage code -5940 is missing from April-2022 in wage type report

This issue was observed and raised by the HR team and finance team in April -2023

Can any suggest me to find out the route cause of missing wage cpde

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Answers (3)


Please check two things.

Firstly you check the RT table for April 2022 (PC_PAYRESULTS) If this is okay

Then check Report Variant or Report

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Hello Istiaq,

Thank you for your guideline, i have found resolution based on your note. thanks.

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Is this an wage type that recorded through any infotypes (IT0008.IT0015,IT0014 etc) or it is generating through any PCR or functions ?.

In case it is generated through PCR or functions please check any date conditions are written for this.

If you are using any variants please check by mistake this wage type is missed from the variant.

Normally there will be no limitation in standard wage type reporter in case of any wage type that available in payroll results.

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Does that WT 5940 appear in the Results Table (see t-code PC_PAYRESULTS) of at least one employee?

If so, is it for the current pay or in a retroactively calculated pay? Then check if changes were made to your "wage type reporter".

If not, do a Payroll Simulation for one employee who should have that WT 5940, with the "Display Log" box checked, and drill down into that log to where WT 5940 should be created (you did not mention the Country Code) and try to identify why it is not being created.