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Hi All guru's

Wt is the MIS report ,

how to get that report??? wt is the purpose of the MIS

could you explain me???



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Answers (2)

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Hi Supriya

MIS is a common word you will find with the department like costing/Management accounting or say in some industry it is called MS(Management services).

This department particularly helps the top management of the company in providing the summary information in form of reports which help the management for decission making.The format of MIS report will vary from company to company.

As you may be aware SAP provides some standard reports under the head "Information system" for each sub module in a module.

Suppose if the standard reports are not sufficient to meet the client requirement.Client ask for some development.That is called as enhancement in SAP term.

Hope I tried to clear your doubt.



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MIS Stands for Management Information System. how can it gets means normally Financial accouning for external reporting if you take controlling is Management reporting thru that we will get somany MIS Reports.Like Cost Center Analysis,Profit Center Analysis.