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Purchase order Rate

Old Price : 168.25

New Price : 181.23.

System is not allowing user to pass the bill for more than the old basic price of material using subsequent debit Note.

how we should pass the supplementary bills for price changes of the material for which bills already passed.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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did you get the message "Price too high..." in MIRo? Could you please check your setting in customising for tolerance key PP?

Additionally, please check the online documentation on the topic of

"Set Tolerance Limits", especially for PP:

"PP: Price variance

The system determines by how much each invoice item varies from the

product of quantity invoiced * order price. It then compares the

variance with the upper and lower limits defined (absolute limits

and percentage limits).

When posting a subsequent debit/credit, the system first checks if

a price check has been defined for subsequent debits/credits. If so,

the system calculates the difference between (value of subsequent

debit/credit + value invoiced so far) / quantity invoiced so far *

quantity to be debited/credited and the product of the quantity to

be debited/credited * order price and compares this with the upper

and lower tolerance limits (absolute limits and percentage limits)."


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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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My scenario is

Scheduling agrement for 1000 Qty ( Delivery shedule start from Jan 2010 to Decemeber 2010 -- 12 Months )

Jan - 100 Qty - Rate Rs 10/-

Feb- 100 Qty Rate Rs 12/- ( Vendor Rate has change )

Now , How i can book the bill for additional Rate of Rs 2/-

Any standard business process avialable for this type of scenario .. Please explain.