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MIRO Subsequent Debit issue

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I am posting subsequent debit in the MIRO and getting u201CError messageu201D

Below are the details of what have done till up to..

1) Limit PO created for 1000 GBP

2) GR Posted for 600 GBP

3) Invoice posted for 600 GBP

4) Subsequent credit posted for 200 GBP

again. One more

5) Subsequent credit posted for 200 GBP

Now I am trying to post

6) Subsequent Debit for 200 GBP and system is not allowing to post

Getting below error

Tolerance limit of only 25 GBP will be allowed

7) If I am going to post Subsequent debit for 400 GBP there is no error

Wanted to know, is this std one or is there any setting is missing



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If u gone thru error message screen,it will show what exactly is missing ?

Check with FI Consultant is there any tolerance limit is set ?


Check with ur payment terms conditions ?

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Thanks jeyakanthan,

I am checking with FI for the same

Below is the error meessgae getting


Price too low (below tolerance limit of 25.00 GBP) 1 Amount check


Price too low (below tolerance limit of 25.00 GBP)

Message no. M8084


The invoice price (value invoiced divided by the quantity invoiced) varies too greatly from the net order price.


The category of this message can be changed in Customizing for Invoice Verification. This means that you can receive a message as an error message even though it is defined as a warning message in the standard system.

The following documentation deals with the case applicable to the standard system only.

System Response

The system has established that the value invoiced falls short of the expected value (quantity invoiced * net order price) by more than the tolerance for price variance (25.00 GBP) set in the Customizing system.


Check what you have entered and make any necessary corrections.


Any Suggestions Pls



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Hi mate,

Subsequent debit/credit is done for the invoiced quantity only. Only the price variations can be adjusted in the subsequent debit/credit (quantity remains the invoiced qty.).

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Check tolerance limit for key PP in OMR6.

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resolved the issue, Thanks..

Subsequent debit posted for full 400 GBP due to tolerance limit

Then after Subsequent Credit posted for the 200 GBP



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