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Migrating from DRAO table to content server

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We have a requirement to migrate DRAO data to content server. I saw the following SDN link.

Our questions,

1) we set the KPRO flag for document type that we wanted to migrate! When we try to access the old document (stored still in SAP DB), we get a message saying that Document does not exist. Does that mean we need to completely migrate all the documents (millions+) before setting the KPRO flag?

Someone else had a similar issue, and they also appear to state that we may need to migrate first before setting the flag (or that it will be automatically set at the end).Would like to confirm if that is the correct approach.

This approach appears to be contradictory to the approach recommended in the first link. So trying to confirm.

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We have the same requirement and are facing the same issues. Did you find any process to migrate your documents?