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Migrating Basic Data Texts for Materials through LSMW

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Hello guys,

I want to mass change the field MAKTXLG_EN for a list of materials through LSMW, but it's not working with BI recording over MM02. The reason for this is because this field is that this field is not available in batch input recording.

I've made the screen shots below to show you how you can access the Basic data text .

tcode MM02 -> Enter material no -> Additional Data -> Basic Data Text

Can anyone tell me which method should I use (Direct Input, BAPI) in order to change this text field value for my list of materials through LSMW ? If yes, can you also provide the steps that should be proceeded ?

Thank you very much ! You help is highly appreciated !



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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All has been answered before, make sure to search before asking.

Here it is explained why recording and material master is not a good idea: Explained issues with LSMW recording for material master

and here I blogged how to load long text: LSMW Long text load by Direct Input method

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Thank you , Juergen ! Your answer is highly appreciated !

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