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Migo:Subcontracting Scenario

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Hello Members,

One suggestion and One help required.


When i am doing the Goods receipt against the jobworkorder in the will display the

quantity of Main material

as well as the components quantity also.

Suppose i change the quantity in unit entry for the main material and then i clicked on check ,it will divide the component quantities also.

But problem is that this process is running for the single time.

For example

Main Material

A and his quantity 40 kg

and his components are B and C with quantity 20 and 10 Kg

and suppose now i change the quantity in unit entry for the main material A from 40 to 15 kg then it will automatically adujust the quantity of component B and C as soon as i click on CHECK.

But agian if i change the quantity in unit entry for the Main material A now from 15 kg to 25 kg then it won't adjust the quantities of component of B and C even though u click on CHECK.

I want this thing should work repeatdly as soon as i click on CHECK.

Please let me know your suggestions how to do that or any functional setting that will take care of this issue.

Reply it as soon as possible.


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Answers (3)

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When you check first time during that time the component is not visible that means the ikon before main material is closed so it automatically changes the qty of components also .

but when you click on check it opens up and shows you the qty of main material and also components. to change the qty again you click on that ikon again and close the component and try again.

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after changing the material qty, deflag the item & click on check, this will give you the information as no items flagged as O.K. now flag the item & redo the check this will redetermine the qty in the BOM.

Thanks & Regards


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Thanks for your valuable Reply.

But still something is missing and that i think ,i can do by using enhancements.

I will clear the Item level check indicator as soon as person changes the value in field quantity in unit entry and i think that will be solving the every issue.

Thanks a lot.

Anyother solution if possible then please let me know thanks a lot.

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My Question is during MIGO, you know how much Qty you are going to receive.

It's a one time entry, Why you are changing two/three times the Qty??