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migo or migo_gr to do good recepit why Transaction Code is MIGO_GI when migo_gr is expected.

0 Kudos transaction migo or migo_gr and enter a good receipt

2.transaction event -A01 goods receipt

3.reference document -R10 other

4.movement type - 561 or 501

5.Complete the item data, material, plant, quantity, etc

6.Press POST.

Result - The document is posted with document type WA when WE is expected.

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The 561 movement type in SAP is used for initial entry of stock balances. This movement type is used to post goods receipts for initial stock entries, meaning it is used to create a material document for the initial entry of stock balances into the SAP system.

This is typically done when a company first implements SAP and needs to enter their existing stock balances into the system. The 561 movement type allows for the entry of stock balances without a reference to a purchase order or other document.

Movement Type 561 is used for initial Stock Uploads for when you Go-Live and only once.

MIGO_GR is for "Goods Receipt from External Procurement" where you will provide a reference document like Purchase Order or Schedule agreement during receipts.

Since there is no reference document provided during MIGO for 501/561 you will not see MIGO_GR.

If you use MIGO with 501/561 movement, it will be always updated with MIGO_GI, it is standard system design.