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MIGO/GR Report

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Hello all. If anyone knows, please - we need to find a transaction where we can see all Goods Receipt performed against a specific PO.

What's going on? We have a limit/blanket PO and want to extract a report where we can see all entries related to it, specifically GRs and MIGOs and the details of this GR posting (like description line of materials received).

ME2L will basic show the balance of a PO list, with no MIGOs entries.

Thanks and Regards!

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Answers (3)

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Try MB51, it'll bring you all material documents according to your selection criteria.

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Hey there,

You can also get to the info via ME2L or ME2N for the vendor in question and have a look at the selection parameters and scope of list.

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You too can try with MB5S report where you have GR and IR reports for your PO but your case you can view GR report for your PO!