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message type control for movement type

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Hi All,

We are using two movment types,

301 - Plant to plant transfer

934- initial stock entry reversal(custom one).

Issue is when ever available stock of materia lM1 is consumed against some sales orders , if we try to do transfer posting using transaction MB1B MOVEMENT TYPE 301 system is throwing error message zero pcs available for M1 and not allowing us to post which is correct (messge M7 181).

But for the same material M1 if try to post using transaction MB1C and movement type 934 system is tHrowing warning message zero pcs available for M1 , but allowing to post there by removing the confrimed / consumed stock from the sale order. here also the message is M7 181.

So please let me know can same message type is used differently for two different movement type. If so where is the setting is being done.



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Dear ,

Because u already book for sales orders so release the sales orders you can do, or increase the stock and u can use .