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Message no. RU300: Controlling area of work center (NA00) differs from order (NA19)

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Hello all!

I am taking a college course in SAP and have not been able to get adequate help from my professor when it comes to actually completing their assignments. I received the error message in the question title when trying to confirm my Production Order. Does anyone know where and how I can fix the above issue? Please answer in laymen's terms if possbile - I am no expert. Thank you!

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Hi, m3t1i8ek

I see this often with my students.

Typically the cause is: Production version has the wrong group number. So, the production order has the a wrong routing data in it.

The solution is:

  1. Correct the data in the production version. Test the production version.
  2. Re read PP master data in production order to retrieve the correct routing data.

However, without looking in the system, I am only speculating based on experience with my students.

dominik-tylczynski is correct. Your instructor should be helping you.

All the best.


Active Contributor
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Hello m3t1i8ek

First, let me say that it is outrageous that you can't get adequate help from your professor, that the training system provided for your college course doesn't work as expected, that you need to seek help of SAP Community because the college is not able to assist you. Why don't you file a complaint to the course supervisor?

The nature of the problem is explained in its long text:


The controlling area of the work center does not correspond to that of the order. You can only enter work centers from plants that correspond to that of the order.

A work center or order is assigned to a controlling area via a plant and company code.


You should enter a work center from a plant that corresponds to the controlling area of the order.

The production order plant is assigned to a different controlling area then work center(s) that are used in the production order operations. I think the problem is in the mater data setup, namely in the routings where incorrect work centers are assigned. You need to use work centers assigned to the same plant as the production order.

That is all I can tell without access to the system.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski