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1. The situation is that the company is going live on 1st April and legacy system is Tally. What should be done for the adjustments booked after the Go-Live date? Should they be booked directly in SAP or should it be booked in Tally and then uploaded in SAP?

2. Another situation is that there are 2 company codes as on G0-Live date and going to be merged from September onwards. Any special configuration required before and if the chart of accounts have to be common upon merger?

Please advise....


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Hi Sridevi,

From your message, it seems that you do not have a Post-Go live strategy.

The Post-Go live strategy is decided by the client company's I.T. department. It is prudent to have parallel run for few more months after Go-live on 1st April, before closing down the legacy system.

My opinion of answers for your questions:

1. The adjustments should be booked in SAP after Go-live.

2. Merger of 2 company codes in Sept: Let us assume that you go-live with 2 company codes ABCD, and EFGH on 1st April. If I were in your position for merging these 2 company codes in Sept, then I would create a new company code XYZZ and migrate the 2 company codes data to the new company code. Config efforts are required to the effect of creating new company code and data migration.