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Measuring Counter

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Hi all,

I have created PRT, MEasuring point, Maintenance plan and counter.

When I do production confirmation counter is running. I have mentioned the cycle as 10 and upper limit as 10. I have maintained notification as EC document.

Where i can see the notification when the cycle is reached?

Thanks and Regds

Sridhara K N

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What you want is to create a notification when the measuring point limit is reached?

Have you checked user-exit IMRC0001.


Rogério Reis

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It means your requirment is you want to generate automatic notification from two boundries whcih you have entered in Measuring point

correct me If am wrong

This cannot be done by Configue

You have to write ABAP Coding in user EXit the user exit is ,user-exit IMRC0001.One more thing you have to give mandatory parameters for creating notification whcih you have to set while creating notfication



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