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MC46 And MC50

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When does the material is said to be catagory of slow moving items and Dead stock....

If we define the number of days for it ...then where do we maitain it??

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dead stock (MC50) is the part of your warehouse stock that has not been used for a certain period of time.

The dead stock value is calculated by multiplying the dead stock quantity with the current price.

Dead stock is calculated basing on the defined date period in Period to Analyze tab of MC50.

Period to analyze

Date on which you want the period to analyze. The date is given in the form DDMMYYYY.

Slow moving items (MC46)

Materials that have been consumed little or not at all over a long period of time are referred to as slow-moving items.

Number of days in the period to analyze.

The consumption values will be examined for the number of days you have entered, starting from today's date.

For materials with no consumption in this period, the input value displayed in the results list will be the number of days since the last consumption.

There is no number of days assignment for materials seperately for these report inclusions or exclusions.

I hope this one what you are looking for.


Syed Hussain.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Here we maintain time characteristics for Slow moving item

[Slow-Moving Items |]

For more info you may visit :

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Hi Amit,

I saw the MC01, but under which catagory does it goes???

I checked in the tree structure, but not found??

Also can we make changes in this trasaction???

Wht abt DEAD stock??



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Hello Priyanka

The answer for your 1st question is, the slow moving stock and dead stock is determined by no of days the material is not moved from stock. It calculates the last goods movement date till current date.

e.g. If the slow moving item is defined for 10 days, system will calculate from movement of this material till next 10 days and then after if u run the report, u will find it under slow moving stock.


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Hi Priyanka,

MC 46 is a report for Slow moving items based on the no of days you want ,

No of days is the important criteria whereas in slow moving is the consumption is less.

MC50 is for the Dead stock movement report, where in you can give the value range for the material and the period to analyse.

Dead stock is the stock you cannot use further because of OBSOLETE.The percentage is given to sort in the ascending or descending order for the value and % and then to take decision.

Both the report by view it is same,but both are different