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MB56 and batch expiration dates

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Does anyone know if there is a way for MB56 to have a column for expiration dates of the batches? Would there be a way to add this field to the layout of the MB56?


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Hello Kaine ,

Both BADi's available for the batch where used list does not include functionality for additional columns , only automatic plant determination and the reading of external batches

Your best possibility would be:

For the batch where used list , the function module exit EXIT_SAPLCHVW_001 is available in the enhancement SAPLCHVW_001.

You use this exit to fill in the additional fields you added to the ALV list of the batch where used list , for example

fields with batch master data , such as the shelf life expiration date.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Best Regards,


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Hi Frank,

Thanks.. Won't you need to change the standard structure for MB56 ALV list to include the expiration date into the list? If I'm not mistaken this is CHVWSHADOW.