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Matrix not updating in SBO 2004

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I have a matrix with a DBDatasource tied to it. I have a total column at the end of the matrix which I want to update with the total for that line. This doesn't seem to be working. I am running this on the lost_focus event.

I have included the code below, can anyone suggest why it may not be updating please ?

Regards Andy

            For lc = 1 To nodays
              tot = CCur(tot + Val(omatrix.Columns(lc).Cells(pVal.Row).Specific.String))
            omatrix.GetLineData (pVal.Row)
            oform.DataSources.DBDataSources(0).SetValue "u_total", pVal.Row - 1, tot
            omatrix.SetLineData (pVal.Row)

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Hi Paul,

To "Add" values to your matrix - which you are not pulling from the DB - you have to specify an user data source. Thus add the user datasource to your totals column. Now run your code and calc the totals for each row - write the value to your column AND becuase you have the user datasource tied to the column -> the value s will be displayed!