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Maternity Leave (R302) Singapore - paid or unpaid based on nationality of Child

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Dear Experts,

As per existing configuration in our client's SAP HR system, Flexible Maternity Leave R302 is marked as Unpaid Leave and thereby deduction taking place in payroll.

But as part of legal requirement, If Employees' Child has Singaporean nationality, it must be paid otherwise it must be unpaid. Hence deduction must take place only if Child is Non-Singaporean.

Furthermore there is one more condition as R302 comprise of 8 weeks. First 4 Weeks are paid for all and last 4 weeks are paid only for Singaporean Child.

Here we are having a option to create separate leave code for Non-Singaporean Child Maternity Leave so that it can be handled in standard way. But our client is not ready for creating any other separate leave code.

So we are having single leave type R302 with maximum entitlement as 8 weeks. Out of which last 4 weeks need to behave as paid or unpaid both based on nationality of child. Secondary in leave details there is no confinement details as for which child leave is being availed e.g. First Child is Singaporean and the second is Non-Singaporean. How the system will identify for which child leave is being availed.

We have raised it with SAP Service Team but no luck. We tried it at schema level too through PCR but not able to achieve it.

Kindly advise.


Tushar Goyal

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