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Material master identification

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Hi all,

We have thousands of material code and batch in our  SAP system  . Lots of material code and batch is not at all used but it’s available in SAP.  How to trace material and batch which is not at all used in any transaction so we can block the same. 

Right now we are doing this through PR, PR and Mseg table . IF no transaction is available in this tables then we block material code but is there any other way to do the same.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the easiest way is to let SAP do this analysis for you.

Setup the archiving for the object MM_MATNR and MM_SPSTOCK and do a test run with a complete list. This list will then tell you what can be archived and what cannot be archived along with with the reason.

However, I wonder how you could have batches if the material was "not as all used"

a batch is dependent data usually created through a goods movement

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