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Material listing and Exclusion. Approval Workflow Required.

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Hello SAP enthusiasts!

I'm reaching out to tap into your wealth of experiences and knowledge for a requirement we're currently navigating. Our client is involved in the development of IT components, and at times, these components are not meant for commercialization as they're in a technical testing phase. We've been using a solution centered around the MARA-MSTAV field, specifically the Cross-"distribution-chain material status," to identify these items.

Our current resolution involves a Material exclusion listing where S/4 diligently checks condition tables based on material status, document type, and customer. When a material is added to a sales order line, it's flagged as blocked. If we decide to proceed with the sale, we undergo some offline escalations, if manager agrees, then we proceed to adjust the exclusion conditions in VD04.

Looking ahead, we're eager to enhance this solution. Ideally, we envision S/4 not only generating a block but also triggering a workflow that could culminate in a subsequent approval within S/4. We're envisioning a process akin to a purchase order (PO) approval release strategy.

Now, here's where we need your collective expertise! Do any of you have experience with a similar requirement? We believe this might be a common scenario in certain industries, and we're keen to learn from your insights. Have you successfully implemented a workflow for material approval within S/4, mirroring the efficiency of a PO approval release strategy?

We'd love to hear your stories, suggestions, and any potential solutions you might have encountered. Your input could be invaluable in helping us refine our approach and make this process smoother for everyone involved.

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