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Material Ledger Migration in ECC6.0

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Hi All

The consumption value/qty details are not coming in ckm3n.After changing the price determination from ckmm,,price determination are "2" with "S" against sale order in the table ckmlpp.

We have activated ml in period 12.2017(previous period-11.2017) and doing ml closing for 11.2017 period,in the ckmlcp-step1 (selection) the FG products has not selected,subsequently in step2 (determine sequence) material not selected.Mutli level price determination step is also not showing any material.

Currently on single level price difference are calculated.The table ckmlhd is showing material both with price determination "2" and "3" with price control "S".

We have created new material and done one complete scnario testing i.e production order to sale order settlement.The SL & ML differences are perfectly roll up for new transaction but for old transaction roll up problem is coming.Kindly help



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