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material document number series

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Dear all Guru,

can we have different material document no series for different plant and how?



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Answers (5)

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check in SPRO help : SPRO-Materials Management--Inventory Management and Physical

InventoryNumber AssignmentDefine Number Assignment for Material and Phys. Inv. Docs.

The number assignment for material documents and physical inventory documents depends on the transaction/event type which is also allocated to each transaction in Inventory Management. The transaction/event types are divided into groups of number ranges. A number range interval has to be defined for each group.

Material documents for goods movements and inventory differences

This group contains the following transaction/event types:

- WA Goods issues, transfer postings, other goods receipts

- WH Goods movements for handling units (HU)

- WI Material documents for inventory adjustment postings

- WL Goods issues for delivery documents (SD)

- WQ Goods movements for usage decisions (QM)

- WR Goods movements for completion confirmations (PP)

- WS Goods movements for run schedule headers (PP)

- WZ Documents for batch status changes


You cannot change the transaction/event types. However, you can change

the number range intervals or you can allocate transaction/event types

to new groups.

Caution: Change in the Fiscal Year

If, at the time of a fiscal year change, you reset the number range in

the new fiscal year, separate number range intervals for the previous

year and for the current year must be maintained for one month to allow

postings to the prior period.

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For Each plant use different document types & maintain different Intervals in No. Range.

Assign these No ranges to different Document Types


Samunder Singh

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In my opnion it is not possible.

For each material document generated,number is assigned by the system.



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Material document no.s are at the Co. Code level for each Calender year. You can't maintain differently at each plant level under one co. code.