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Material description in VD51, and VD52

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Hi All,

In VD52 transaction do we have a possibilty to view material description?

As per me in VD / VD52 we have fields like Customer, Material , Customer materil Number and Customer Description,

But we dont have option to view SAP material description. Is there anyway we can see the same in VD51/VD52.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Babs,

Once you enter material in material no. and press enter beside that it will show the material description automatically which you maintained in material master,besides that you can see customer material, this is used to identify how the customer is calling that material.

Ex: There is 1 material 12345 description as computer desktop

but the customer called it as monitor,so in VD51 at customer material you maintained monitor while creating the sale order without giving the material no by giving the description monitor system will identify the material and automatically picks the material.



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Yes you are right, in the selection screen/first screen of T-code VD52, no Mtaerial Description is not displayed, but once you press F8, or execute you will get the description beside the Material No. feild.

In case you want to add the field to "VD51"for the material description i(short)t can be traced in u201COMSRu201D, ie.u201CMAKT-MAKTXu201D

For this pls ref. the link:



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I can see material description field right besides Materila number while creating Customer info record in VD51/VD52.

I verified this in ECC 6 and also 4.6C