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Master Receipe Approval

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Dear PP-PI experts ,

This is regarding APPROVAL process of the order .

We are using ECM and Change number is creating using CC31( With change Order ) transaction.

For a specific Recipe the status given in ECM is approve .

While creating the process order i am getting the APNG status ( Approval Not Granted )

In order type dependent parameters we have choose APPROOVAL Required .

As per the SAP HELP Once the Master recipe approved in ECM the system should not set APNG status .

But i am getting APNG status ?

Please Explain The relation in between the ECM Approval and ORDER Approval process .

The SAP HELP is As given below

For production in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), process orders must be approved before production. You can do this in the following ways:

    * Create with approved master data (see below)
    * Individual approval

Checking the Approval

The system then checks whether the master data has been approved. Before the process order can accept the master data on which it is based (recipe, BOM, production version) as approved, the following prerequisites must be met:

    * The master recipe used must have the change rule with an engineering change order without change type or an engineering change order with change type.
    * The recipe or one of its subordinate objects (for example, phase, secondary resource) and the corresponding production version have been changed with at least one engineering change request. The BOM can, but does not have to be processed with an engineering change request.
    * For each of the objects mentioned above, the engineering change request whose due date is the closest before the process order creation date must be released.
    * Neither locked material components nor parts to be discontinued may be used.
    * For planned orders, no changed to the material list may be made.

For more information on the approval procedure for master recipe changes, see Engineering Change Management and Recipe Approval.

If you manufacture in compliance with GMP, note the following:

If the prerequisites are not met,

  • The system statuses APNG (Approval not granted) and APRS (Approval withdrawn) are set. They do not allow the release of the order. The reasons for not approving or withdrawing the approval are documented in the log.

  • An individual approval is required for the order.

I*f the prerequisites are met,*

    ** _The system statuses APG (Approval granted) and APRC (Based on approved recipe) are set.*_
    _** For the most part, only changes to MRP data in the order are allowed. Individually, the following data can still be changed:*_

          o Order dates
          o Settlement rules
          o Order quantity: The quantity can only vary within the charge quantity range defined for the recipe.
          o Resources: You can use the Resource selection function to assign resources that meet the resource selection requirements for an operation.
          o Batches: Batches can be assigned for material components that are subject to batch management.

    * A withdrawal of the approval is possible, if required (for example, for major changes). After making the changes, an individual approval must be given for the order.



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How do you create your PO? With or without reference PO?

Thx in advance. Laurent