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Massage No. 06217-Overflow for net price field during conversions

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Can anybody tell me the S note for the error?

"Massage No. 06217-Overflow for net price field during conversions"

There is a S note in OSS ( 576188) which is Obsolete now. I would like to have the correct S note to apply.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SAP doesn't support item prices larger than 999.999.999,99. This is a limit of the system.

The field has a length of 11 and output length of 16 for the commas and dots. Therefore, values entered in that field cannot exceed the total length of the field.

Increasing the field length of the field is challenging. This would

cause inconsistencies in the existing dataset and more problems in

in Finance modules.

You have to look for possible workarounds to resolve this. You may

choose to split the documents, line items or quantities - what suits

your business requirements best.

You may choose to:

1. Split the line items.

This is applicable when your company wants to procure 1 single item

with say 1 Billion value.

for example:

Qty Unit Net price

1 EA 1,000,000,000.00

This may be cost of one machine or asset.

You may split this into accessories or mountings used for this as

separate line items, so that the cost of the line item will be less

than 1 Billion.

2. Splitting the quantities,

This is appliable when you are procuring more quantities with higher

value items.

For example:

QTy Unit Net price

1000000 EA 100000.00

You may split this quantity into 250000 EA * 4 = 1000000. With this

you may consider having four line items in the same PO or 4 differant


3. Consider using pricing unit.

If you use currencies in which higher values become necessary, SAP

recommends to use smaller units of measure (for example "box"


For Example:

Qty Unit Net price

1 Pallet 1000000000.00

In this case you may split this into Boxes. May be the Pallet contains

more than 1 boxes. The net price of the box will be less than

the Pallet.

If your prices is not larger than 999.999.999,99 then please open a ticket in SAP, as this would be a bug and you would need a correction, that at the moment does not exist.

Best Regards,

Arminda Jack

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