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Manufacturer part no - Reg

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Dear ,

The Manufacturer part no F1 help calls for ,

Identifies materials of this material type as manufacturer parts.

To allow you to distinguish between manufacturer part numbers in

Purchasing, you can create a material master record for each

manufacturer part number and assign it to your company's own material.


Only a restricted amount of material master data can be maintained

for manufacturer parts. Plant-specific data cannot be maintained in


In real time application - How to do , is there any settings?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First Understand the Process of Manufacturer Part Profile :

Create External No ranges for Vendor Account Group MNFR and save.

Now Create Each Make / Manufacturer like ABB as one Vendor in XK01 Trxn code.

Create Material Code original say XXXX in MM01 with ROH material type. (for eg Transistor which is available with ABB & Seimens make)

Create material code for ABB make say 11with Material type HERS which contain only two views (Basic Data & Purchasing) and give Make, Original material No & Material group and other details and save.

Create material code for Seimens make say 12with Material type HERS which contain only two views (Basic Data & Purchasing) and give Make, Original material No & Material group and other details and save.

Create a Purchase order with original Material XXXX, then it will ask for mnfg part profile then select the material and click F4 on it it will show you the created mfg part nos like ABB 11 & seimes 12 and select one and save.

Prerequisite is you have to Activate Mfg part profile in OMPN trxn code

And in Material master Purchasing View Select the mfg part profile and save

Even if you set the Mfg part number in Display mode in SPRO settings system will throw the same error.

Now What can be done is :

Either go to ME21N and Select material tab after inputting and press f4 and select Manufacturer part number options then system will showe the list of mfg part number maintained to that material select the desired and save.

Else go to MM02 Purchasing View and in Mfg part Profile tab there must be a four charecter profile assigned to field Remove this and save.

The Second option is not a good practice.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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REAL TIME SCENERIO: When the parts are manufactured at a plant and that time in case if any defective piece is there or any problem arises, at that time , the vendor confirms the rejection for the Manufacture part number it is entered in the MMR...

You can see the settings here also: SPRO --> MM --> Purchasing --> MM --> Define manu,. part profiles...this is used to define the profiles...



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Activate the MPN in OMT0.

In OMT3B, select 21 screen seq, and click on data screen, select purchasing and click on subscreen, and repalce the scrren no 0001 with 2313, then u will get the same in purchasing view for all material types.