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Mandatory field - business area

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I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this?

For transaction F.02, FB50 and MIRO is it possible to make the business area mandatory?

If so could someone please help me?


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Enable Business Area Balance sheet on OB65.



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I want the fields to be mandatory on the screens....

I was thinking it would be done in SPRO?

Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Line Item -> Controls

Maintain Field Status Variants

I am just wondering which area do I need to chose to make it mandatory for the screens mentioned in my original post

e.g. is it g001 or g002 etc etc?

Is there an easy way to determine this?


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In the field status groups, in additional account assignments Business Area can be defined as required. But company code specifc settings as already mentioned have to maintained.



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I have noticed that business area is in this section but which Field Status Group do I need to make it mandatory in?

There are a lot of field status groups and I dont want to make it mandatory in everything......

just F.02 FB50 and MIRO.

examples of all the field status groups below:- there are also some "Z" field status groups.

G001 General (with text, allocation)

G003 Material consumption accounts

G004 Cost accounts

G005 Bank accounts (obligatory value date)

G006 Material accounts

G007 Asset accts (w/o accumulated depreciatn)

G008 Assets area clearing accounts

G009 Bank accounts (obligatory due date)

G011 Clearing accounts (with settlement per.)

G012 Receivables/payables clearing

G013 General (obligatory text)

G014 MM adjustment accounts

G017 Freight/customs provisions/clearing (MM)

G018 Scrapping (MM)

G019 Other receivables/payables

G023 Plant maintenance accounts

G025 Inventory adjustment accounts

G026 Accounts for down payments made

G029 Revenue accounts

G030 Change in stock accounts

G031 Accounts for down payments received

G032 Bank accounts (obligat.value/due dates)

G033 Cost accounts for external services

G036 Revenue accts (with cost center)

G039 Accts for pmnts on acct made for assets

G040 Personnel clearing accounts

G041 Tax office clearing accounts

G045 Goods/invoice received clearing accounts

G049 Manufacturing costs accounts

G050 Central control clearing accounts

G052 Accounts for fixed asset retirement

G056 Amortization accounts

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Make the changes for the FSG that is assigned to the GL accounts through which you are going to do the F-02 postings etc.


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yes - so how do I know which FSG are assigned to it?

Many Thanks

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use FS00 click on create/bank/interest tab, here you can find the Field status group field.

if you want restrict field in transaction level use validation rule, so you can put the required the business area only fot the transactions F-02, FB50 and MIRO

if you are using the field status group it will controll the all transactions.

as per as my knowledge validation is best option to your problem

assign points if you find useful

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Excellent answer - atleast I know I am looking in the wrong area now

How would I do it by transaction level using validation rule?

Many Thanks

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please see my Wiki posting relating to validations

you can write the validation for business place you have to give transaction code wise/vendor wise/posting key wise/document type wise

business business area mandatory for transaction F-02,FB50 and MIRO.

Go to GGB0 create validation.


BSEG-BUKRS = your company code





BSEG-GSBER = give your business are

Message: create message class as per your requirement and assign the error, warning, information.

Activate the validation to your company code through OB28

take the abaper help for creation of message class.

and also see the sap note 842318, it is very useful note for know more about validation and substitutions.

assign points


sai krishna