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Managing Consultants and Contractors via HCM and MSS

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Hi All,

We are just launching our HCM initiative. The promise is high but the learning curve is steep.

There is one thing we are trying to accomplish that does not seem obvious how it would be done in SAP. We would like to be able to keep track of consultants / contractors and who their hiring manager is. However, since consultants come and go all the time, these are not positions that we would maintain as part of the org chart or in OM (doing so also raises co-employment issues).

Ideally, we will create a personel type of "Consultant" where we will capture only basic information such as name, start date/end date, and affilated agency. Ideally again, when we introduce MSS, we would like managers to be able to simply provide the information about a newly engaged contractor without needing to define all the elements required for an employee who belongs on the org chart. The reason for wanting to store this in HCM is so that our interfaces to active directory and other systems will have consultant information and there is a single point of entry. We want to know who the hiring manager is as well. We want to assign anyone who walks in the door an world-wide-id number that identifies the person.

It does not seem like HCM is set up to manage contingent workers or agency employees??



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I cant see any co-employement issues if U maintain consultants in Org structure.

U can create one Orgunit may be say "Out side vendor" and create positions there.

And U can maintain the reporting structure for MSS authorizations.

We can further discuss on this to get a better solution. Other ideas are also welcoming.