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Making inspection plan operation sequence mandatory

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scenario is that i have three operations in a inspection plan.i want to control result recording in such a way that only after doing RR of first one, 2nd operation can be used in QA32.And after result recording of 2nd operation, 3rd operation has to be performed. System should not allow any other sequence.

Do we have put any user status for that? Please give your valuable inputs.

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Answers (3)

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Hi Craig, Nehal and Sujit,

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

I am going to start working on that.

In the meantime, i am keeping this thread open, in case of any other option.

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Just a suggestion .............

Use User Exit QEEM0003 User exit: add. functions after valuating insp. characs

Here before valuating any char system should check the its Past operation's all char should have status "5".

( code should be written in such a way that it will not check this while entering result of first operation.)

It actually depends how you build the logic...............

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In this case you can create custom z table to maintain inspection lot operation number & its status.

Put condition if operation status is recorded then only system should allow to record next operation otherwise generate error.

I am not sure you can this kind of condition for QE51N otherwise you have to create custom t-code ZQE51N with copy to QE51N.

Hope this helps.


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I agree with Nehal, there is nothing standard in SAP to deal with this. You'd have to look at using user exits to check somethingl, like a custom table as suggested.

You can config the system to allow you to mark an operation as complete. It is a manual step that must be done by the user after teh tests are complete in that operation. But you might be able to use a user exit, that checks the previous opeation to see if it has been marked complete. That might avoid the need for a Z-table.