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Make wage type calculation processed based on unit input in infotype 15

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Dear team,

I request you to please provide to achieve below scenario.

In infotype 15, if maintained number unit based on that value should be updated either in the same infotype 15 wage type or in RT table.

Eg: This is for employer notice period, If we maintain no. of days in infotype 15 as a unit (like if one day) then one day gross salary of infotype should be updated in the wage type at infotype 15.

Kindly suggest, Thank you in advance.



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Answers (1)

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The value of amount is based on Gross Salary in SAP we dont have this functionality but we have % to default amount

In your case we should first get 1 days Gross Salary which should be mulitplied by No of Days in IT15 (notice Days)

you need to First Achieve 1 Day value of Gross salary for employee

Ex :

Basic :- 1500

HRA " 500

Overtime :- 2725

from the above we need value of 1 days Gross salary for month of Jan 23

1500+500+2725 / 31 = 4725/31 =152.41

Now , 152.41 Should be muliplied by the number of days from IT0015

is my understanding is correct