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Maintenance Plans schedualing

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Hi sap Gurus.

I have for example 3 strategies, for A-10 km, B-20 km and C-30km. Each strategy has different operations.

I have created a maintenance plan for an equipment that has 27km. In the initial counter I have difined 27km.

The problem is that in IP10, when I start the cycle, it starts with the package A, when it shuold start with package C for 30km.

I know now, that I can define an offset. But is it possible to do this via LSMW?

I have a large volume of maintenance plans....

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Will you elaborate your requirement more clearly.

It is not clear from your question



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it is not clear ,what solution you are looking for,

you want to run maint plan according to KM reading ?then check if you have updated measurement document,

also check the strategy is same in both ,in maint plan as well as Tasklist,

please let us know what you wish to do with LSMW ?modify your maint plan?


Pravin Malviya

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Hi friends.

I will try to explain more clearly. I have 3 different packages with 3 different task lists. Let's imagine, package A-10km, package B-20km and package C-30km.

Now, the equipment has 55km and I have allready updated the measuremnt document.

The problem is, when I scheadulle the plan in IP10, the first package to be activated is package A, when it should be pack C, for 60km.

I now that I can solve this, doing "Start in Cycle -> Select package". Now I need to know if I can do this via LSMW, because I have to scheadulle 1000 plans.

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yes i think you can do it using LSMW. but you have to make recording type for that purpose.

Create reccording LSMW for this.

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