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Maintanence and Help Views!!!!!!

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Hello folks,

I have 2 requirements here.

1. I have to create a maintanence view over two tables. For example, I have a table zmara as master data table with material field and zmakt as a material description table. Now I have to create a maintanence view on top of these two tables. If I make an entry for a new material in this view the two tables should be updated.

Can anybody tell me how to do that??

2. How to create a help view??

Points for sure will be rewarded.


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Answers (3)

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Hi Naren,

Go to SE11 and select view button and start creating.

Select Maintenace view.

Specify your tables under tables column and maintanin relationship of your two tables..

Choose view fields tab and select what are all the fields you wanna view.Specify selection conditions if reqd...

Choose maint.status tab and select the second radio button "read,change,delete and insert".


For help view..

Selct help view and proceed as follows as Maintenance view.

Help view is mainly used if you need a view with outer join as a selection method of the search help.



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Use SE11 abd choose VIEW Option.

Give View, a Name and choose CREATE.

A small screen with the options

1. Database View

2. Projection view

3. Maintenance View

4. Help view

will be displayed.

Choose the required option (either Maintenance View

or Help view).

And proceed with givening base tables and Join Fileds and View Fields.



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I would suggest that you develop your own table maintenance program. You can use the table control wizard to help you along.


Rich Heilman