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Maintain the fields on the correspondence form

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Our client has a request to add a spelled field ‘Terbilang’ (changing the number 'AmountInTransactionCurrency' to text) using Indonesian on the form. whereas in the FormCalc code provided by Adobe LiveCycle only the WordNum syntax is changing the number 'AmountInTransactionCurrency' into English text



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi JessJSilaen,

As you noted, that function WordNum is designed by Adobe to only convert to English (

"Returns the English text equivalent of a given number."

If you look in the FormCalc reference, only English is supported 

"As of this release, it is not possible to specify a locale identifier other than English for this function"

It's not an uncommon ask, there are several looking for the same thing since at least 2010... there is even a SAP knowledge base article on it


Have you considered to code it yourself in FormCalc or Javascript? (i had to once do a bubble sort for a table in a similar manner)

Similar to what they did here (sorry for the external link), see the Self Impementation:

which draws on this example:

The only other option is maybe define a custom field and use developer extensibility or side-by-side extensibility to update the custom field and pass it to the form.

Thank you