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LTMC - Source record already transferred to target system

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Dear Expert,

I am on S/4 Hana 1809. I tested upload contract sucessfully via LTMC in QAS 600 and then I exported it as the template, which is a zip file for future use.

Now I import that zip file to QAS 650 and try to use the same file to upload. System give warning message saying

Source record xxx already transferred to target system and ignoring the upload. May I know what is wrong with my steps? Is it because the zipped file already contained the upload history in QAS 600? How can I avoid it for PRD upload?

Thanks a lot!

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Answers (2)

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You are trying to use the same project in 600 and in 650, aren't you?

Just don't use the same project in multiple clients in the same system. LTMC is client-independent, this is why you encounter a message that the data is already migrated, while you have not uploaded it in 650 yet.

Create a separate project per client, trust me, it will save you a lot of headaches.

There are ways to cheat the system and upload the data within the same project, but using them can cause more problems than it solves.

For PRD you will probably not have this problem, because most likely you will upload the data in just one client on this server.

The recommendation for separate projects per client is also mentioned in note 2650201 - Migration Cockpit: How to create/update data records.

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sususan - The exports are workbench i.e. client independent (doesn't matter on client- 600 or 650). This shouldn't be an issue in PRD .