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LTMC log show the successful message but data is not updated

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Dear all,

I created a user-object in LTMOM to update tax data in sales areas and I am using FM SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL.

I've maintained the data and run LTMC. There is no error message at all but no data updated.

I have tested the BAPI and after committing, it updated the data. I do not think LTMC needs BAPI commit to update the data.

Hope someones can share the idea on this issue.

Thank in advance

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Hi Nguyen ,

I have a similar issue and also would like to find out the solution on your other post .

"Adding Z fields of business partner to migrate" - Could you please help me with the steps followed here .

Thank you .

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Answers (2)

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Hi Nguyen,

As you mentioned that you have already tested the BAPI, please check settings in LTMOM - structure mapping step. Double click on target structures where your structure is mapped and check if proper settings are maintained (like for HEADER it must be LOOP AT TABLE and for Items it should be Mapping only).

Best regards,

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Hi Nguyen,

Please check whether the source structure is mapped to Header of the Function Module used to trigger the load in Structure Mapping.

Also, SD_CUSTOMER_MAINTAIN_ALL doesn't have any return parameters for messages. So, it won't show any error messages unless you are using a custom FM.