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LP10 and MB1A simultaneously

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     I am using the WM PP interface to stage via pick parts. Is there a way to have the LP10 staging TO confirmation to trigger the MB1A 261 behind the scenes. Right now I need to do the LP10, then I need to confirm the TO with the actual batch which is picked and staged (in case the batch detemined in the production order is not really available in the bin) and then I need to do the MB1A 261 as I dont use backflush. It seems too much of work for the business. Is there a way where I can have the MB1A triggered automatically from the TO confirmation after the material handler confirm the move to the PSA bin ?


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You can write the piece of code in the user exit ZXLTOU02- Update own data after TO confirmation

to call the function module "BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE"  call this function in the update task after successful confirmation of the Transfer order

Few more point to take care (After successful confirmation of transfer order)

1) Find the reservation order number and line item using the value from the requirement order numebr(which is a production order number)

2) Pass all the required value(Material/ Mvt type / Qty/ Unit of measure / Reservation order / Reservation order item)  to internal structure GOODSMVT_ITEM from TO table (LTAP / LTAK and point 1)


Also you need to inform about the con of this process is  when Transfer order gets processed succesfuly but Matrial documnet creation faile due to some reason(Locking e.t.c.)  you don't have any mechanism to reprocess only Material document part.

Hope this will help

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     This is the reply I got back from the developer. Any ideas?


I have checked the exit provided EXIT_SAPLL03T_002 - MWMTO002. Here is my analysis:

-          On saving the TO via transaction LT12, the exit gets triggered but under UPDATE TASK.( You need to change your debugging settings to see this)

-          Since its under UPDATE TASK, we cannot use it to call MB1A transaction from here being under the one LUW.

-          Calling a Commit Work in an update is not allowed

-          Refer enhancement documentation which prohibits use of any statements like COMMIT WORK, ROLLBACK WORK, LEAVE etc.

Thus this doesn’t look technically feasible with the user exit provided."

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You could consider using a delivery which is created automatically after production order release. You would then need to create a TO based on the delivery and make it auto PGI after confirmation.