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logic to split sales order into multiple deliveries

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hi i m new to SD,

can u tell me,

if i have a sales order,

and i create a outbound delivery from that document, what is the criteria i must keep into account to segregate that sales order items into multiple deliveries

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Refer below

SAP has standard split criteria such Incoterms, Shipping Point,

Route, Ship-To, etc.) but we may need to add some split criteria such as Sales order line item, Material #,

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sheshagiri thanks,

can u provide me the SAP standard split criteria

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When deliveries (sales orders or purchase orders, for example) are shipped, you may not be able to create items for them, depending on various criteria. Normally, a split is carried out according to ship-to party or route, for example, meaning that the items from preceding documents are distributed among various deliveries.

In this activity, you can define other criteria that cause a delivery split.

Delivery Split by Warehouse Number

In this IMG activity, you can make settings so that deliveries within one warehouse are created automatically for specific warehouse numbers and delivery types, and a delivery split is carried out if necessary. In the case of a delivery within one warehouse, all storage locations of the delivery items must belong to one warehouse number, or they can have no warehouse number assigned to them. If this does not apply to the items of an order, then several deliveries are created automatically.


You need to make the appropriate setting for each delivery type and warehouse number for automatic creation of deliveries within one warehouse. Both settings are required.

If the split indicator is only maintained for the delivery type and not for the warehouse number, no individual delivery is created for those items that originate from storage locations of this warehouse number; in this case, the delivery would not be within one warehouse.


1. For each delivery type that you wish to create deliveries within one warehouse, set the indicator 'Delivery split according to warehouse number'.

2. For each warehouse number that you need to create deliveries within one warehouse, set the indicator 'Delivery split according to warehouse number'.

The system will then automatically create deliveries within one warehouse for all items from storage locations of this warehouse number.

Further Notes

In the document, when you look at the 'Warehouse number' field and the delivery split indicator in the delivery header, you can see whether the delivery is within one warehouse (delivery split indicator 'A') or not (delivery split indicator 'B'). The delivery split indicator is only visible when it is selected. This values are only displayed in the delivery header, they cannot be changed.

You can manually add items that have a storage location belonging to a different warehouse number to deliveries within one warehouse. Here the system does not update the 'Warehouse number' field and the delivery split indicator in the delivery header.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Hey sudeep,

In our case we generally split deliveries, if they are exceeding the truck load using VLSP. The idea is we take into account the trucks volume and weight capacity and the volume and weight capacity of the materials to be packed.

Basis the above 2 criterias we try to build the best possible truck load....

And, if it exceeds the truck load then we split the delivery.....

Reward, if helpful.....



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Hi Sudeep,

You can split delivery on the basis of different:

1. ship to party

2. shpping point

3. delivery date

4. route

5. transportation zone

You can maintain different ship to party at item level. Goto>Item> Partners and assign different ship to party.

You can maintain different shipping points at item level. Goto>Item> Shipping and assign different shipping points.

You can maintain different routes at item level. Goto>Item> Shipping and assign different routes.

Delivery date can be changed in schedule lines.

Also you can do partial delivery for a specific customer. The setting will be done at Customer Master-->Sales Area Data->Shipping Tab. Here you can set the customer for no. of partial deliveries allowed.

Reward if helpful.



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Delivery group is another field.

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Delivery split can occur when the following are different:

1. ship-to-party

2. shpping point

3. route

4. incoterms

5. transportation zone


you can have your won criteria for splitting thr copy controls


Arun prasad

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but i think, in a Sales order, there is only one sold to party and ship to party,

so how can i split the sales order on that basis,

how can i find a document that can describe this