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Locking on application level

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We would like our developments to work in the same way as standard SBO works, but we have a problem with locking.

E.g. Business partner master data works in the following way:

1. I start it twice, open the same business partner in both window and change something in both window. After that both wondow are in Update mode.

2. In one of the two windows I push the Update button (save the changes).

3. From this in the other window when I try to update changed datas an error messge appears: "[OCRD], 'Another user-modified table 'BP' (ODBC-2039)'. And it's independent of the first window. Either it remains open or I close it (OK or Cancel) I can't update tha datas in the secont window. It's very good.

We can use this locking algoritm in our development. Does anybody know how can it be done?

StarTransaction and EndTransaction aren't enough to solve this problem. In case described above during the update (between StartTransaction and EndTransaction) the updated database records are locked, but after commit I can update datas in the second window too without refress from database. It's absolutely incorrect.



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I think this is a bug; it should not matter whether you work on data in the application - or through one of the interfaces: The result should always be the same.

Could you report what you found to SAP Support?



(I suppose that some internal field does not get updated... (in most tables there is e.g. a field "UpdateDate" etc.))