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Limit file Bank Statment FF.5

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Hello Experts,

I have a scenario where I will get a file with more than 1 million records every day of bank statement to be processed by FF.5 transaction in an S4 Hana environment with Linux and Hana database. I need to know if there is a processing limit for this bank statement file on S/4 version 2022 or can I process any value, 100.000 lines... 200.000 etc?
What best practices for processing bank statement files over 100,000 line items?
Is splitting the bank statement file into files of 50,000 line items on the Value Added Network the best solution processing these files in parallel jobs?

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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so we have some logic in place if you upload the bank statement file as MT940. That we create those bank statements and we have multiple pages. So the limit for a bank statement is 99999 items. That is the technical limit of the database. If this is reached we basically create a second page for that bank statement (FEBKO-AZPGNO). Here we add again up to 99999 items. And this goes on until all items are mapped.


This does not exist though for other file formats. Unless you talk about camt file formats. Then this should also work with release OP2023 and higher.


My personal advice is: ask your bank to split these bank statements themselves into multiple pages, once they reach 99999 items. This is more performant for the import and processing than doing it in the system.



Edrilan Berisha

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Financials Development

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Answers (1)

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Hi lolsap,

I must acknowledge that I do not have experience with such extremely large bank statements. But here are a few suggestions based on my understanding of the bank statement functionality in SAP.

The number of line items for one bank statement is limited by the properties of field FEBEP-ESNUM (line item number of bank statement). As such it allows up to 99999 items.

Further, if the number of items exceeds this limit, I think the system will generate a new bank statement record (i.e. new FEBKO-KUKEY number), but the external number of the bank statement (i.e. FEBKO-AZNUM) will be the same. What will most probably change will be the value of the page number (i.e., FEBKO-AZSNR). The system allows up to 999 pages of the bank statement (once more it is limited by technical properties of this field). So theoretically, you can have one huge bank statement with more than 99 million records (999 * 99999).

Well it assumes that my understanding behind the use of page numbers is correct.

Anyway, this is an interesting topic and I'd be glad to hear back on your actual experience with upload of these bank statements.

Update: I've stumbled upon OSS-note 3207479. It confirms my assumption about the split of large bank statements into pages of up 99999 lines, each of them will have their own KUKEY.