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Limit expense types based on trip schema

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I know a few people have asked about this subject already, but I haven't fount a thread that solves my problem.

I want to limit expense types based on trip schemas. This means that for schema 01 the expense types shown would be different than schema 02.

I have looked at the badi TRIP_WEB_CUSTOMIZING, but it kicks in before the schema is chosen. Is there a badi that will stop after the schema is chosen?

We are on NW04.

I hope someone can help!



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Answers (2)

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Hello all,

we are facing a similar problem in our implementation.

We have reviewed these BAdI's but we do not know how to configure it.

Does anyone have some example coding which we might use in one of the methods for limiting the list of expense types based on the trip schema?

Thanks and regards,


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Just to throw some light on this topic - you cannot restrict the expense type - using the given BADI. What this BADI will do is that based on certain conditions, it will display/hide/make mandatory the fields which are displayed for each expense type.

I have managed to restrict the expense types based on certain conditions, but this has been done via web dynpro component enhancements :

(1) Enhance the component - FITE_VC_RECEIPTS; Custom Controller - RECEIPTS; method - SUPPLY_RECEIPT_ELEM.

(2) Write code so that the given expense types are taken out of the context for the display on the Web Dynpro Interface.

Hope this helps and clears up everything - let me know if anyone else has a better solution. Even I think that the BADI should do the trick, however I was unable to use this.



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Thanks for your reply, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Perhaps I wasn't completely clear about my problem.

We have implemented ESS in the portal, and we have created different Trip Schemas; Domestic Travel, International Travel, Other Expenses and Reimbursment for Car (driving). Once the user has selected one of the schemas and filled in general trip data, he has to choose Post Receipts (expenses) before finishing. This is standard. Here is my problem. If the user has selected the schema Reimbursment for Car, I want only the expense type for "Parking" to be shown when posting receipts. But if the user selects the schema "Other Expenses", I want all available Expense Types to be shown in the dropdown list.

The Badi I referred to in the firs post makes it possible to limit the expense types for the dropdown list, but it does it before the trip schema is chosen. That means that the limitation will affect all the schemas, and not only one.

I hope someone has found a solution for this!



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BAdI: Define Additional Checks for Web Dynpro

Business Add-In: Define Additional Checks for Web Dynpro

You can define additional checks for each transferred line and/or table for the situations listed below for processing trips in the Web Dynpro interface.

The Business Add-In TRIP_WEB_CHECK defines and implements the interface IF_EX_TRIP_WEB_CHECK in the class CL_EX_TRIP_WEB_CHECK. The methods of the interface are realized as user exits for customer enhancements in the area of Travel Expenses in the Web Dynpro interface.

The implementations of a Business Add-In (BAdI) are not considered modifications. They are not overwritten during a release upgrade.

Standard settings

The BAdI has the following methods:

USER_CHECK_LINE_OF_MILEAGE Edit individual leg of trip and cost distribution miles/kilometers

USER_CHECK_MILEAGE Edit all legs of trip and cost distribution miles/kilometers

USER_CHECK_LINE_OF_RECEIPTS Edit individual receipt and cost distribution: receipts

USER_CHECK_RECEIPTS Edit all receipts and cost distribution: receipts

USER_CHECK_LINE_OF_ADVANCES Edit individual advance

USER_CHECK_ADVANCES Edit all advances

USER_CHECK_LINE_OF_DEDUCTIONS Edit individual deduction

USER_CHECK_DEDUCTIONS Edit all deductions

USER_CHECK_LINE_OF_ITINERARY Edit individual destination and cost distribution: destinations

USER_CHECK_ITINERARY Edit all destinations and cost distribution: destinations

USER_CHECK_TRIP_COSTS Cost distribution of trip

USER_CHECK_GENERAL_DATA Edit general data and period data of a trip

USER_CHECK_EDITOR Edit general texts of trip

USER_CHECK_RESULTS Edit travel cost results

USER_CHECK_CHANGES Edit changes to trip


You implement the methods as user exits in the SAP menu under Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Utilities -> Business Add-Ins</> (transaction SE19).