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Lab Test Certificate with Graphical Output in SAP

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Please guide for qm implementation project for Construction Laboratory.

Tests are 1.Soil Test 2.Rock Test 3.Aggregate Test 4.Concrete Test 5. NDT Test

Example : Test report on particle size distribution of soil

1.Sample creation ?

2.Inspection lot creation and result recording?

3.How to create the Test report as per results for each inspection lot and generation test reports in PDF output format.

Please share the Link /Document/ to map the Laboratory process in sap qm

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albert.molnar was nice. He has to be.

Your question is way to general for a forum like this. You are basically asking for a whole QM design.

What is your design at this point? What are your thoughts on doing this? What do you even mean by #2. Inspection lot creation and result recording? You do know that just that item could spawn a book? And that's something most of us here would expect you already have some grasp of a basic process around that.

This sounds more like a user requirement that was copied and pasted and your company is looking to submit a bid to a client without having the required specialized knowledge to properly address this item in the RFP.

That might not be the case, but that's what it seems.


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I would recommend using the inspection instruction form. This can be printed from QA02 screen. It is a button on the far left of the application icon bar in standard SAP.

You configure this in SPRO under QM-->Quality Inspection-->Define Print Control, Forms, Print programs.

The program for the report RQEEAS20 under list LV01. (Standard SAP). You'll need to create a SAPscript form of the printout.

You could also use the inspection report functionality, (transaction QGA3) which uses the standard SAP script form QM_INSP_RESULT. You would copy that form and adapt it for your use. The program behind that however only reports out characteristics with a recorded value.

You would have to copy the program behind QGA3 to a Z program and transaction and modify it to get all characteristics for a lot and report them out, even if no value is recorded.

You can specify different SAP scripts forms when you run it so that you can format the list in a way that makes sense for the different people that might use. I.e. a tech using it for a work list, a printout for internal use, a printout for external use, a printout for billing, a printout for an auditor, etc. etc..


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Dear Albert & Craig

Thank you for your valuable input

We have proposed below process for our testing Laboratory.

Sales order creation by using NVL material code for each test.

Example: 750034000016 PARTICLE SIZE ANALYSES OF SOIL testing.

In inspection plan operation 10 maintained for British standard test method and operation 20 maintained for American test methods (MICS are different in British and American std).

Sales order line item wise inspection lot creation by creating the delivery against the line item

In result recording system provides the selection criteria like below screen shot

Selection of test method and result recording made with final result but user required testing work sheet need to be available in sap

Certificate generation in QC20 against the delivery number

Kindly suggest how we can build testing work sheet in sap qm?

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Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Sharath Kotian,

thank you for the details provided. Your problem is a bit general, so it is quite hard to provide an exact answer. Please in the future try to catch a single problem and specify the circumstances to that specific problem.

Nevertheless, I have collected some documents to you in the topic LIMS = laboratory information and management system:

Have a nice day,
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