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KE24 Report comparison with FI GL account balance report

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Hi Friends,

I'm comparing KE24 transaction code COPA actual line item balance with FI GL account balance report, but I'm not able to match it/not sure how to match it.

Could you please let me know how to compare these two reports mainly to know whether all the balances in FI are moving to COPA properly. Also please let me know how the values are being extracted for this KE24 transaction code.

Thanks & Regards,


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same issue here

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If you have created characteristics and value fields in COPA, the values will flow properly. From pricing procedue, condition types are linked to Value fields in COPA. All the values will match with the value fileds of copa and corresponding GL Acc. Like VPRS condition in Pricing procedure and COGS GL balances in FI. You need to check if any manual posting happening on the GL a/c apart from the automatic postings.

You can check T.Code KEAT. You can compare the values with COPA,SD, PCA, FI



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This comparison can only be done with a thorough knowledge of the config that was made to transfer information into the COPA system. It is COMPLETELY implementation specific. It generally is grouped into several areas - Revenue, Cost of goods sold @standard, cost of goods sold period based adjustments (E.g. variances) and overheads.

Here is some VERY broad guidelines:

Revenue method will depend on whether you are using "vanilla" sales of inventory from SD, or whether you use resource related billing in PS. Further you will need to know which condition types post to which GL Accounts, and to which value fields.

Cogs method will depend on the sames differences, also whether you are using material master price (VPRS), or whether you are using standard cost estimate. If you are using standard cost estimate, you need to know the cost components used, and which value fields they post to.You also need to know which GL account(s) is posted to. This is based on the valuation class in table 30. Alternatively, for resource related billing you have to know how the DIP profile was set up.

You need to know how your production variances are posted, your purchase price variances and your overhead variances on production cost centres.

Overheads can be posted directly from FI, from MM, or settled from an internal order or project. Alternatively, they are assessed from cost centres, to PA using assessment rules.

You also need to know whether there are any statistical value fields, which should be excluded from the reconciliation.