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IW22 wrong longtext after creating an PM order

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We are facing problems in our SAP system with strange blocks of long text in the PM-order.

This is when it happens:

IW21 Create an notification.

IW22 Attaching a task list with long text to this notification.

IW22 Creating an PM02 order form the notification.

Normally, the long text of the tasklist which is attached to the notification will be copied to the new order.

But sometimes the long text in the new order is showing other long texts with does not belong to the original tasklist.

This is not happening always. Maybe this is a buffer not being emptied.

See example: (sorry for the dutch)

The lines, starting with "I/28M/SAR" does not belong to the tasklist and belongs to another tasklist.

Hope somebody is facing the same problems before and can help me this this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (1)

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Often those ghost texts relate to object wrongly updated in database, there are some OSS notes, start with 134055 - Deletion of long texts for temporary notifications, and perform some OSS search four your version.