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IW21 Exit

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hi Guys ,

I need an exit , or anyplace where I can have a implicit enhancement in IW21 .

Actually Here is my requirement  .

When I execute IW21 with  notification type , it will take me to the Headed , then the moment when I will give Equipment "US12-X01"  , and hit enter , I will get a pop up screen  , and just after that break down  check box will be checked automatically .

Now I have done it manually , but It should be done automatically if I give anything in Equipment .

Thanks for your help in advance !

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The simplest way of achieving your requirement is to use exit QQMA0014. Use the code below in the include ZXQQMU20.

IF i_viqmel-equnr IS NOT INITIAL.

e_viqmel-msaus = 'X' .


This code updates your Breakdown indicator when you save the Notification, if the Equipment field is not blank. Only difference is you will be able to see it through IW22 that your Breakdown checkbox has been ticked by the code.

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Dear Jogeswara Rao K ,

Thanks for your reply .

The above exit is getting triggered in save functionality , if we click in save .

But my requirement is to get that viqmel-msaus = 'X'  field before saving , if the user hits enter 'US12-X01' after giving the equipment the break down field should be populated with the X value along with the other fields  . 

So technically the msaus (break down  check box) has to be filled out before coming to PBO of the screen , or afte PBO . 

Here is the flow .

Step1: IW21

Step2 : Enter notification Type M2 .hit enter .

Step3: Fille the description and the eqipment , and hit enter . It will prompt the sub screen . then press enter

Step4: The breakdown check boz should be filled out here .

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  • I understand your requirement, but feel it redundant to see the checkbox ticked before Saving. Re-read my first post.
  • If you insist on your requirement, according to me you will be complicating (may be very difficult) the requirement for nothing.