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Item Category Usage: Free

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Want to know significance of Usage Free, know that used in VOV4 , but scenario where this is used , for eg when we define TAN and higher level Item Vcat as TAN the result is TANN.

Also I have searched the usage field in MARD/MARC/MARA, no mention of usage field

Document type OR

Item cat group NORM

Usage FREE

Higher level item category TAN

Default Item category TANN



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi ,

The ITEM usage FREE is used for free of charge deliveries with the document type CD

This is a scenario in which there is no Billing for this.

USAGE field is available on the CUSTOMER MATERIAL INFOR RECORD in the VD51.

If you maintain the USAGE Field in VD51 then only it will have effect in VOV4.

hope it is clear.

Please check this and let us know your feedback.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi bahlrohit1,

Usage field will tell what is the purpose of Particular Material


FREE: For free goods Material

CHSP: Batch Items

TEXT: Text Materilals..etc

Higher level item category and Item usage are used in the item category determination.

Let me take an example of Item Category TANN (Free of charge Item)

Item category Determination: Sales Document type + Item Category Group + Usage + Higher Level Item Category


Higher Level Item category: The category on which this item category is dependent. meaning for TAN , TANN is a free item. Therefor TAN is the higher level item category.

Item Category Usage: It controls system response during document processing. The line item has an specific usage according to that usage it has to respond. Free for free items, text for text items etc.

Please go thru the below issues


Swamy H P

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Hi Swamy

i Know all this what i was looing for found out in ....

Which other item categories are to be found in a certain environment (text items and packing items, for example).

So if i assign Usage as TEXT, then when we asign higher level Item category as TAN , then default category will be TATX

ie Usage Text ...... TATX

Usage on

Anyways thanks