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what is the relevance of usage? different types of usages in realtime environs and higher level item cat determinations... what is the logic involved in picking hglitctg

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Hello Krishna bhaskar,

The usage is used to determine the ITEM CATEGORY, it is maintained in CUSTOMER MATERIAL INFO RECORDS ,in the bottom most part of the screen u can see it.

Usage is used primarily for text items to go with the standard item.

For ex. repairs for a material.

Standard Material - TAN

Service-Repair - Text material

Item category determination : sales document type+ item

category group+ usage + higher level item category

standard item category : OR +NORM --TAN

For Material Determination

Usage we use is PSHP for Displaying Main Items

Usage we use is PSEL for Displaying Sub Items

This usage we use for OUTCOME

Outcome: outcome controls whether substituted material

should be replaced or displayed as sub items.

For Free Goods

Usage is free

In some cases the system itself identifies the usage. for example when u jus type some text in the description in the order it automatically identifies it to be a text item with

TATX as item category.. here usage text is automatically determined..

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